The Affordable Cipher - Unlocking the Secrets of Working with Registered Providers on s106 Disposals and Package Deals


Our handbook, "Unlocking the Secrets of Working with Registered Providers on s106 Disposals and Package Deals," serves as an essential guide for developers navigating the complexities of s106 agreements. It underscores the importance of viewing the affordable housing requirement not merely as a regulatory hurdle but as an opportunity to enhance the value and impact of development projects. By detailing the process from selecting the right Registered Provider (RP) partner to ensuring the delivery of best value for all stakeholders, the handbook aims to demystify the s106 disposal process and highlight the critical aspects that developers need to consider.

Key insights include the strategic benefits of aligning with RPs from the outset to facilitate smoother planning consent, the economic implications of small-scale versus larger affordable unit developments, and the importance of understanding market demand to tailor the mix of unit types and sizes. Additionally, the handbook touches on the growing emphasis on environmental sustainability and the need for developments to meet current eco-friendly standards, such as incorporating Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs).

With practical advice on presentation, design, and structure, along with the necessity of seeking expert valuation advice in the social housing domain, this resource aims to equip developers with the knowledge to make informed decisions and optimize their projects' social and financial returns.

For a detailed exploration of these strategies and more, we invite you to visit our website and download the full handbook, providing a comprehensive roadmap for successful collaboration on s106 and package deal projects.